Canine Flu Information

The canine flu is a highly contagious viral infection of dogs that produces symptoms similar to kennel cough – coughing, sneezing, fever, nasal discharge. This disease can be much more serious than kennel cough however, with up to 8% of dogs dying from complications of the infection. The canine flu can NOT be passed on to people.

Dogs at risk for contracting the canine flu are ones that have contact with other dogs-those who go to dog parks, doggie daycare, kennels, groomers, or those who travel.

Like the current swine flu in people, this is a disease for which dogs have no natural immunity and thus the disease spreads quickly and can cause severely debilitating disease.

Currently, there is a very safe vaccine available to protect dogs from this disease. At this time, we recommend this vaccine for any dogs who have frequent contact with other dogs or are boarded often. The first time an animal gets the vaccine they must receive a booster vaccine 3 weeks later. After that the vaccine is given annually with the regular vaccinations.

Please inquire with our staff if you think your dog may be at risk.

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